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Hello, world!

Hello friends,

Today we are inaugurating the website of ~fr, the first French-speaking tilde server of the tildeverse federation. For the moment, we're providing shell accounts and personal web pages accessible at https://user.fr.tild3.org and https://fr.tild3.org/~user.

What defines us is our work on building a self-organized space where each person can propose modifications to our infrastructure via the dedicated repository. Please submit your patches!

If you're bored at home due to confinement, or your collective is looking for hosting services to spread pseudonymous information in respect to our principles, maybe you're knocked on the right port (sorry, this pun works better in French).

A short note on translations: although our community is French-speaking, this website is also available in English (as you may have noticed already). We will continue to translate our articles so that our experiences can benefit others, beyond language barriers.

See you soon, and huge thanks to ben from ~team who gave us the virtual machine.