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~fr: hacking, mutual aid and resistance

~fr is a French-speaking tilde server providing shell accounts and a (limited) set of services. We offer a space for experimentation and sharing amongst users. Our community is French-speaking and resides in cyberspace where all are welcome regardless of their gender, ethnicity, orientation, and beliefs.

If you don't understand (yet), maybe you should read an article about what a tilde server is, to start. And don't worry, we've all started out in the same place. ;)

If you want an account, you may be looking for one of the many English-speaking servers across the tildeverse federation.


Because we're fed up with commercial bullshit. Because we're fed up with websites eating half of your RAM just to track your mouse across the screen on a two-page article.

Because we're fed up that business controls everything and we control nothing. Because we're fed up that computing means child exploitation in mines and factories.

Because we're fed up with our every thought and feeling being used to profit bosses and tyrants.

Because together, we can build things of true beauty. Because going back to the root (or rather, to the ~tilde~) is opening to a new way of looking at the world. Because doing it with others means struggling together in our joys as well as our sorrows.

Our values

  1. Kindness : we want to make this place warm and comfy for everyone
  2. Popular education : we believe in peers learning, we think have a diversity of learning method creates efficiency
  3. Self-governance : our goal is to create a place where everyone can involves itself and have a real impact, that’s why anyone can submit a change on the server and the final decision is collectively validated

Operating principles

  1. Be excellent to one another: we will try to get the best out of ourselves so that we can help others and learn together
  2. Consent: as much as possible, we will try to ensure everyone consents with how the community is run
  3. Transparency: decisions are taken after a public debate on the #fr IRC channel and/or on the repository
  4. Protection: we want to build a welcoming space for people struggling for their emancipation, and will not hesitate to ban persons promoting reactionary ideas and/or harming our members (harassment, stalking..)
  5. Decentralize: we don't want to become a big central server, and encourage mutliplying autonomous tilde communities via the tildeverse federation
  6. Accessibility: we want to promote services that are usable for everyone, regardless of their physiology or their Internet access throughput
  7. Free price: we accept donations of any nature, but refuse that your resources determine your access to our services (or to anything, really)


If what you've just read fills the sleeping anarchist inside you with joy, don't hesitate to send an email to root @ fr.tild3.org, and fork our community to build your own! If you speak French, you may also want to drop by the #fr channel on tilde.chat IRC and send us your SSH public key \o/

If you just want to take a look and lend a helping hand from the outside, you can check out our repository tilde-fr/infra and audit our infrastructure, propose some modifications... You'll just need an account on the tildegit forge, where all our repositories are hosted at the moment.